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Predicting the future of PR:
PR director of the future

All good experiments begin with observations. As such, Wildfire labs conducted a range of expert interviews with some of our influential friends in senior PR and technology roles about what’s next for the PR director. In particular, we were interested to observe our test subjects’ thoughts on what the role of the PR director of the future might look like, whether ‘PR’ is even a valid description anymore, the risks and opportunities for PR as the comms function continues on its journey of rapid change.

These interviews provided the breeding ground for Wildfire labs, uncovering a range of theories and trends for our crack team of scientists to investigate. Here though we present the results of the initial observations with our test subjects.

Who we asked


Angela Howarth

The ability to think globally is going to become increasingly important.

David Harold

Traditional PR agencies can’t exist today

Christine Brown

The most delicate of balancing acts

Martin Hill

PR should be an integral part of marketing

Rachel Matthews

PRs need freedom to experiment

Rupert Baines

Marketing never used to have board level visibility

Samuel Hall

We need to change the definition of PR

Perveen Akhtar

There’s an expectation that individuals should take on more

Nick Bowman

Integrated communications is the future

Arun Sudhaman
Holmes Report

CMOs will continue to prosper at the expense of PR directors

Other Experiments

Our labs team will be running a series of experiments to look a bit more closely at the ‘science’ of PR and explore new approaches to delivering results and creating compelling campaigns.