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Smart jewellery and wellness brand Bellabeat selects Wildfire to build UK brand awareness

Posted on 1st July 2018 under New business

Wildfire, has been appointed by Bellabeat to support the brand launch into the UK market by raising awareness, supporting retail distribution and driving sales for the world’s first fashionable wellness technology brand.

Bellabeat aims to inspire women to make healthy changes to their lives, by supporting them through their wellbeing journey with innovative, beautiful and unobtrusive technology products and accessories connected via the Bellabeat mobile app.

Bellabeat’s ultimate goal is to be recognised as the leading wellness brand globally, and Wildfire’s role is to provide communication strategy and support for Bellabeat to build brand and product visibility and credibility in the UK, while educating women as to the key differentiation between Bellabeat’s more holistic approach to wellness monitoring, as opposed to pure fitness tracking products.

“Our core mission at Bellabeat is to inspire women to be healthier so that they can be successful at other things,” commented Urska Srsen, CCO and co-founder of Bellabeat.  I believe it’s really important to have a healthy life and work balance. Women need to be more selfish when it comes to improving their wellbeing and health, and Wildfire demonstrated how they could make Bellabeat a clear voice in this conversation as well as help us achieve our commercial objectives in this market.”

“Bellabeat is not just another fitness tracking brand. They’ve blended style and technology to deliver a fresh and innovative approach to improving women’s wellbeing, covering key mental, spiritual and physical aspects of health. This will have huge appeal with lifestyle, fashion and health influencers and we’re really looking forward to helping tell their story and defining this new category within the wellness space,” said Debby Penton, Managing Director of Wildfire.