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RepKnight hires Wildfire to drive demand for dark web cyber intelligence software

Posted on 26th June 2017 under New business

Technology PR agency Wildfire has been awarded the global PR brief for RepKnight, the provider of real-time cyber intelligence. RepKnight keeps companies and organisations and communities safe from internal and external threats.

RepKnight has developed a suite of tools that enable its customers to track and respond to data breaches, hacks and leaks, even where compromised data is hidden or shared on the dark web. The company’s BreachAlert software continuously monitors the dark web, alerting users in real-time to possible breaches in their data. With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) due to come into force next year, enhancing data breach monitoring is increasingly important for any business operating in Europe. Failure to detect and report data breaches swiftly could result in fines of hundreds of millions of pounds for many organisations.

Wildfire will deliver a campaign of activity to raise awareness of this serious business issue, educate the market on the risks of the dark web, and ultimately drive demand for BreachAlert.

Andrew Shephard, director, Wildfire, commented: “GDPR is clearly a huge issue for companies of all sizes. But for all the talk in the industry, the issue of monitoring data that has been leaked beyond organisations has certainly been neglected. As such, I think it is clear that there is an important job to do in terms of giving businesses a wake up call before its too late and making RepKnight’s message loud and clear.”

Jeremy Hendy, EVP Sales & Marketing at RepKnight said: “In order to maximise the impact of our sales and marketing efforts we needed a PR agency with extensive technology experience and knowledge of the corporate influencers we need to reach. Wildfire is exceptionally strong on both counts and ultimately it was a straightforward decision to appoint the team there.