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Archive for: June 2019

14th June 2019

Brands — get grafting or get mugged off

It’s now two weeks into this year’s series of ITV’s Love Island and we’ve already witnessed a dumping, six new islanders and several jealous meltdowns.

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Fiona Todd Profile Image
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Fiona Todd
12th June 2019

How do you like them Apples?

This year’s Worldwide Developers Conference saw Apple announce the long-anticipated death of iTunes. The company’s once most popular service will now be absorbed into three

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Isolda Hawkes-Tan
5th June 2019

How a lifestyle change put the spring back in my PR career

Meet Beryl. Beryl is my three-month-old lamb. She lacks any kind of social skills and pretty much all intelligence and emotional range… but she’s absolutely

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Chris King