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Archive for: August 2017

22nd August 2017

Where there is goodness, there is magic

I appreciate this may sound ‘a bit wet’, but I’m a massive fan of Cinderella — always have been. From singing ‘A dream is a

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Paula Fifield
17th August 2017

Don’t blink: Are micro-books the new micro-blog?

A few years ago, I used this blog to write about the rise of context-free information. Back then, I was arguing that microblogging and aggregation

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Alex Warren
PR Stunts
15th August 2017

PR stunts: are they losing their edge?

Let’s play a game — think of a ‘typical’ PR stunt. Now how many of you thought ‘creating the world’s biggest X’? How about a

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Ben Smith
Amazon Anytime
11th August 2017

Amazon Anytime, the all-in-one messaging app

Amazon is making its debut into the social messaging sphere by launching its own messaging app ‘Anytime’, with added extras of splitting bills, ordering food

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Julia Portelly