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22nd August 2011

Tech PR pros warn Blackberry over government talks

Ahead of talks between Facebook, Twitter, Blackberry and the UK government on Thursday, tech PR professionals, including EML Wildfire MD Richard Parker, have told PR

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19th August 2011

Active Twitter users three times more likely to influence than Facebook fans

A recent report from Exact Target has shown that active Twitter users (rather than those that log onto the site once in a blue moon) are

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Danny Whatmough
18th August 2011

Is There an Online Content Payment Alternative to Paywalls?

 When it comes to working out how to charge for content in a way that doesn’t entirely alienate customers, the world’s media is going through

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Max Tatton-Brown
17th August 2011

International PR, part four – Six more tips for undertaking a PR campaign in Asia

Undertaking PR in Asia can seem daunting. When confronted with the prospect of launching across several countries, each with a different language, and all on

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Alex Perryman